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Detail from Holbein: 'Jean de Dinteville and Georges de Selve'

Centre Activities

Public Seminars

A) Each year the Centre runs an Introductory Programme on the psychoanalytic work of Freud and Lacan. This programme consists of lectures and reading groups supported by individual tutorials. The Introductory Programme functions as an introduction for people interested in Lacanian work as well as providing a route for those wishing to apply to the Full Training Programme.

B) Additional seminars on the relation between Freud and Lacan, on psychoanalytic practice and theory, and on particular themes in analytic work are held regularly on Saturdays. These seminars are given either by members of the Centre or by invited speakers from the United Kingdom or abroad and are open to the public.

Low Cost Clinic

CFAR operates a clinical service which provides long term, psychoanalytic psychotherapy to those unable to afford a private treatment. The service is open to referrals from GPs, health centres and other sources. To find out more or to request an appointment, please contact the Administrator on 0845 838 0829 or email: [email protected]