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Clinical Service

CFAR provides a clinical service offering low-cost analysis for those unable to afford private treatment. CFAR's orientation is psychoanalytic, but its clinical service is not about classical five-day-a-week psychoanalysis. Analysis today is more flexible, sensitive to the particularities and circumstances of each individual patient. To use the service, the first step is to contact the administrator who will put you in touch with an experienced analyst who will conduct an initial consultation. You will have the opportunity to ask him or her any questions you may have, and, if appropriate, they will then refer you to an analyst. If the analyst conducting the initial consultation feels that psychoanalytic work is not suitable for you, they will suggest other options.

The analysts working in CFAR's clinical service are either carefully selected mature trainee analysts or members of CFAR. Fees are charged on a sliding scale, and the service is intended to help those on a low income. A typical fee would be between £10 and £20 per session, and an appropriate fee should be agreed on with the analyst. There is an initial consultation fee of £10.

To contact the administrator please email: [email protected]