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Introductory lectures:

Anxiety & Phobia
The Object
Sexuality and Gender
The Unconscious from Freud to Lacan
The Oedipus complex from Freud to Lacan
The Real, The Symbolic and the Imaginary
The Mirror Phase
The Subject and the Other
The Drive
The Phantasy from Freud to Lacan

Short Courses:

Beginning the Treatment
Transference and Interpretation
The End of Analysis
The Acting Out Patient
Limits and Extremities
The Handling of Dreams in Psychoanalysis
Lacan’s Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis

Seminar series:

Clinical seminars
Freud’s cases
Intervention and Interpretation
Ethics and Confidentiality
Post Freudian thought
The Range of Psychotherapies Today
The Ethics of Psychoanalysis
The Eye, the Look and the Gaze
Anxiety and Topology

History and Theory of Psychoanalysis:

Freud’s work in the 1890s
Freud’s Three Essays on Sexual Theory
Freud’s Meta-psychology
Freud’s Second Topic
Freud’s Beyond the Pleasure Principle
Freud’s Constructions in Analysis
Freud’s Analysis Terminable and Interminable
Lacan’s 1932 thesis: the Aimee case
Lacan’s 1938 on the Family
Lacan’s 1953 Rome Discourse
Lacan’s The Direction of the Treatment
Lacan’s Subversion of the Subject
Lacan’s Seminar on Psychosis
Lacan’s Seminar on Object Relations
Lacan’s Seminar Desire and its Interpretation
Lacan’s Seminar on Transference
Lacan’s Seminar on Anxiety
Lacan’s Seminar on The Four Discourses
Lacan’s Seminar XX
Lacan’s Seminar RSI
Lacan’s Seminar on the Sinthome

Clinical applications of psychoanalytic theory:

The above seminars on the History and Theory of Psychoanalysis are combined with seminars on the clinical applications of the texts and seminars in question.

Study Groups:

Separation and Loss
The Logic of Phantasy
Object Relations