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The Centre’s activities include psychoanalytic training, psychoanalytic courses and study groups, a public seminar programme, a clinical service including a low cost clinic, the annual publication of our journal JCFAR and an online web journal offering free articles and transcriptions.

Membership of CFAR gives registration with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). CFAR is a UKCP registered training organisation which is authorised to accredit psychoanalysts.

If you would like to contact one of our psychoanalysts, details can be found on the Analysts of the Centre page.


    Psychoanalysis and the Pandemic

    Saturday 3 July 2021

    Please note that all CFAR public seminars will be held via Zoom.

    If you would like to join a seminar then please make payment by the Friday before the seminar date. Please use our Public Seminars page to select and pay for the seminar.

CFAR Psychoanalytic Studies 2021

The Psychoanalytic Studies programme offers the opportunity to attend and participate in all relevant CFAR lectures, seminars and activities that form part of the training programme, with the exception of the specific category of ‘clinical seminars’.

CFAR Public Seminars Summer 2021

Seminars this term include: “Resolving Transference?”, “Using Variable Time”, “Lacan’s ‘Family Complexes’”, “The Baby and the Drive’”, “Cultural and Clinical Explorations”, “The Drive”, “Phantasy”, “Re-Reading the Wolf Man”, “Objects of Desire, Objects of the Drives, and Jouissance in Transference”, “Child Analysis Working Group”, “Theory and Practice of the Pass”, “Gender”, “Does this change everything?”, “Endings and Exits”, “Psychoanalysis and the Pandemic”.

CFAR Short Course summer 2021 "USING VARIABLE TIME"

Why should the length of the psychoanalytic session remain fixed? Why should it depend on a clock rather than on what the analysand is saying? Although Lacan was not the first to raise these questions, his practice of variable time sessions has remained a central and crucial part of the analytic orientation he established. These seminars will examine the question of session time from a theoretical and clinical perspective, combining case examples with broader questions of temporality and interpretation.

Introductory Course 2021 - 2022

Freud – Lacan: The fundamentals of psychoanalysis